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Wildlife Sanctuary IV

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So, I planned on posting this last Friday and have no good excuse as to why I didn’t. But, let’s call this the possibly last photo from the Sanctuary for now:

This guy was looking all regal



Wildlife sanctuary III

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There is something very majestic about lions. I find them absolutely gorgeous and could watch them for hours. Here was a family of rescued lions.


Wildlife sanctuary II

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Loved this guy, he was having so much fun playing in his home.


Wildlife sanctuary

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So, apparently I am going to post older pictures until I get my act together. On my visit to Colorado in May, we went to the Wildlife Sanctuary. It was truly amazing and I highly recommend you go if you are in the area. This was one of my favorites, but there are more. Maybe I’ll post more the rest if this week.


Not taken today…obviously

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Okay, so this photo is very obviously not taken today, but I never promised recent photos. I surprised my mom for Mother’s Day this year and this was one of our fun things we did. This my favorite scenery picture I took during the trip.


Not sure where to go

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I’m not sue where I’m going with this blog, but I am sure that I want to do something. The biggest challenge I have had is talking about my life. Half my life is my work and I don’t feel like I can talk much about that here. Working for a large organization for people whose identity I need to protect, often times for their safety, but mostly out of respect for them, I feel stifled in what I can share.

Then, time goes by and I think, “I really need to blog about this” or “I really need to start blogging again” and then I get stifled again trying to navigate what I can share, what I should share, and what I want to memorialize for myself, family, and the world.

I do know that photography is a big part of what I want to share. I guess that’s where I start. Even if it’s just one photo a day with not words, that’s a start, right? My commitment for now is going to be just that. Some days you may see photos only, some days you may see comments related to that photo, and still others (when we are all lucky) you may get photos and a real meaty blog post.

I’m curious to see how this road travels as I navigate this blog work once again…

Maybe a photo caption: taken at the staff in service I put together for my staff. A light competition at Boomers. All had a great, fun day with lots of stress relief.


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Testing my new setting