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Scripture Sunday: Here I am…

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Quick background on my Religious journey. I was born and raised in a Catholic home (Catholic school, Mass every weekend, the works). I did the typical college thing and tried to rebel and not go to Church; that only resulted in me working in a Church nursery at the Church of the Brethren where I ran a basic Sunday school for the under 5 year olds while the adults were in services (yeah, so much for rebelling). Then I met The Husband who introduced me to the Greek Orthodox Church. Let me just say, most people who really want to rebel often want to loosen the tight structure of the Catholic Church; but I rebel like no other. Those who think the Catholic Church has strict guidelines…well, they don’t have anything on the Orthodox Church.

i say that because many of you know me from the Orthodox ways and, those who do, know that Orthodoxy relies on chanting through the service; no hymns, no hymnals, no “this week let’s sing these songs to go along with the service”. It’s beautiful. I think the chanting is truly what first brought me to appreciate the Orthodox Church. That said, growing up Catholic, we had the different hymns each week. I remember very fondly getting excited when I looked through the hymnal at the beginning of service and found that they were going to be singing “Here I am Lord”.

For those of you who have never heard this song, or just want something good to listen to, just type it into YouTube and you will find plenty!

That song spoke to me. That song defined me even at a young age. I didn’t really realize it, though, until I was older. Then I looked up where it came from (knowing that there was a Biblical refernce) and found the verse Isaiah 6:8. Here am I; send me.

As I mentioned in my last Sunday post, I know that I am doing right in my work. I do know that I was called to make my corner of the world better. I wake every day knowing that what God has put into my path, what He has called me to do, I am doing it and will do it. I find my life is better, happier, easier, when I follow Him. I find that when I tell Him I am ready, he shows me the next steps. And, can I just say, WOW! I am always amazed at what He leads me to do. I truly believe that this verse is another that defines the work I do.

Isaiah 6:8 Also I heard the voice of the Lord, saying, Whom shall I send, and who will go for us? Then said I, Here am I; send me.

So, do you have a favorite hymn?



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