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The Husband: Finding Common Ground

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The Husband: Finding Common Ground


The story continues…(yes it’s been a while, but we aren’t talking about that). Where did we leave off? Oh, right, The Husband interviewed for a position as a teacher for the two-year-olds classroom at the center where I was a toddler teacher. Yes, in case you missed it, he was hired.

Shortly after he was hired, I was coming leaving for lunch as he was coming back from lunch when my eyes were drawn to the precious item in his hands…a Fins cup! If you are not from San Diego, you have probably never heard of this place. Who am I kidding, most of the people I know in San Diego have never heard of this place. But for those of us who know of them, this is the finest fish taco place you will ever find. Yes, Rubio’s is okay, but it is nothing compared to Fins. Their shrimp tacos are to die for!

But I digress. So, in he is walking with a coveted Fins cup. “You know about Fins?!?!?” was my exact response. Of course he did! The best place to eat. At that moment we made plans for that Friday to go get lunch together; it was payday and we were both having lunch at the same time that day. Perfect plans.

It is important to note that I STILL have no interest in him at this time. I was just excited that someone knew about Fins and wanted to go there for lunch.

So we went. Immediately after we returned from lunch I was visited in my classroom by another coworker who cornered me questioning, “Are you interested in Bob?” My exact, very emphatic, response was “Noooo! He’s Baaaaaaa!” Indignant that anyone would ever even begin to think that as a possibility. Little did I know that those three words would come back and haunt me years later (you’ll have to stay tuned for that story). Needless to say, that coworker responded, “Oh, good, because I like him and have been trying to set something up with him.”

I should have realized then that I must have had some sort of feelings because (1) see the very emphatic indignant response that can only be characterized as a girl trying to convince the world she isn’t interested in a boy and is only fooling herself; and (2) the exact thought that crossed my mind was “Yeah, he’d never go for you.” which is, of course, the exact response of a girl trying to convince the world she isn’t interested in a boy and is only fooling herself and doesn’t even recognize a very jealous thought in her head.

So, one Fins lunch turned into a payday tradition. Nearly every payday while I was still working at that center The Husband and I would go to Fins. I’m sure everyone around the center realized what was brewing; but no one told me about it. Half of them were still trying to support that other coworker’s antics in trying to date him. The other half probably either didn’t care or were just enjoying our love story unfold.

Stay tuned for next week when I explain the moment I knew that he was “The One!”

On the “question of the day” front: if you have found your one, were you in total denial or did you jump in head over heels first?



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