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The Husband: Predating, preinterest, preschool

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As I mentioned last week, I met The Husband taking a summer course for child development. It was the summer of 2000 when I had first moved back from college. The class met on weekends one to two times each month. It was a cooperation between four child development centers coming together for a great training on infant/toddler practices. Through the class we learned a lot about ourselves and the other participants.

After the class ended, I never thought I would have any interaction with any of the participants other than those I work with. I mean, it was a nice connection with everyone, but no reason to see each other in the future.

I was the lead teacher in the toddler room; children 18-24 months. When children turned two they moved to the next classroom.

About six months after the course ended, there was an opening in the two year old room for a lead teacher. Since my kids moved up to the next room I had a very vested interest in who the new teacher would be. It would have to be someone who would continue my work towards fostering independence and critical thinking with the kids. There was always a full trial day where the candidate had to come in for the day and take over the class. It was a good opportunity to learn how that person fit in with the rest of the center, parents, and most especially the children.

As the teacher of the children who would be transitioning up, it was part of my job to “check out” the candidates. So, one day there was a candidate for the two year old room. There was a note “warning” parents about the “male” candidate in the room (a whole HR mess if he hadn’t gotten the position I am sure as they never announced the female candidates).

I was given a moment to go check out the two year old classroom when, much to my surprise, there he was…The Husband!

It is important to note at this point I had NO romantic interest in him. Seriously!!! I respected him as a colleague in the field who has a great respect for children, but really had no romantic interest at all. I highly recommended him for the position.

I knew that in a center where I felt like I was in a constant uphill battle to do right by the children, he would be another teacher on my side and would advocate for those things that I knew would be for the best…and he always was and still is…even though i have been long gone from that center…

We still fight for the best for all children together.



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