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Exception to the rule

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I hate spending money. Apparently I never got that girls gene that enjoys shopping. I hate it! We’ve talked about this.

However, there is an exception to every rule. And the exception tommy hating shopping involves shopping at two places: grocery stores and Costco. Nothing gives me more pleasure than walking up and down the isles at the grocery store or cruising around Costco.

It’s not even the free samples or anything. I think it’s the challenge. I love trying to get the most for the least amount. My mother in law complained the other day when The Husband gave me my budget at the grocery store for….$40! She was seriously ticked off!

Me? I love the challenge. Now,if indeed more, he would have told me more, but to feed the two of us on $40 a week, and it’s still good food…I rock! I’m just saying.

Of course, there are the days/weeks/trips that I spend way more, but that’s when those “staples” need to be replenished.

So this weekend was a Costco trip. We stopped at the MIL’s first and then headed over. Then we hung out, had dinner, all that. Someone was putting all the freezer items away temporarily in MIL’s freezer, I was putting the refrigerated items temporarily away. Lets just say someone forgot a very important item.

It’s okay, everything still tastes good, even if it looks funky:



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