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The reason I have slacked

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This week has been a painful one. Monday night/Tuesday morning I slept very wrong! It caused a major kink in my neck. I left work early because I was in so much pain.

I stopped at the store to buy a heating pad because doesn’t every household need a heating pad? And we have never had one? How is that even possible. I have lived in my own place for too many years to count…been married nearly seven years…how is it possible that I do not own a heating pad.

Guess I’ve never had the need for one…so that’s the good news right?

So, typing on the iPad was not easy…that’s the excuse I’m sticking to for missing a few days in a row. That and the fact that I was totally ready to write about this last night. I was watching a show, ready to type, and the next thing I new it was 11pm, the show was LONG over, and my eyes felt dry and sandy from the exhaustion. It was at that point I crawled upstairs and unto bed with a quiet promise to write this post the next day.

So, here you go! Neck pain is better, not completely gone, but better. And can I tell you how much I love heating pads now? Seriously! I don’t know how I ever got through life grown up without one!



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