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Introspective: Tolerance

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I can tolerate a lot. No matter what area, I am someone who has a high tolerance for a lot of thing.

I don’t know if working with children for more than 20 years has helped, but I have patience beyond what it should be…for anything. Sometimes to a fault, but mostly it is to a benefit. It gives me time to really reflect on a situation, figure out why, and then move forward.

It turns out I also have a very high pain tolerance. I can pretty much work through most pain. I didn’t think much about it until I had. Y gallbladder out. I really didn’t have much pain afterwards much at all. I mean, the attacks that sent me to the hospital…PAINFUL!!! I think mostly it was the unknown.

The first time I thought I was having a heat attack. After leaving with no answers,the second time was insane! I really was a big baby. I got a diagnosis after that and while there were definitely times of major pain (twice ended up back in the hospital for pain medication), I don’t recall them being so bad or memorable…I think because my biggest “fear” is the unknown.

After the surgery, I was uncomfortable, but stopped taking pain medication less than 24 hours after the surgery and was back working a week earlier than planned.

So, when one of my employees was preparing for the same surgery, we talked about how it wouldn’t be so bad. She’s a pretty tough person and can deal with a lot. This is when I learned my pain tolerance really was high. See, after her surgery she called in tears about two days later talking about how much pain she was still in. How unbearable it was! So much that I went to The Husband and asked if I just had blocked it out and did ideally have such a quick recovery.

Nope, I really made that quick of a recovery. So, high pain tolerance…check!

So, when I have a stiff neck at work, can hardly move, have made a make-shift heating pad involving a damp washcloth, latex gloves, and a microwave…well, you know it’s bad.



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