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Review: Apple TV

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This Christmas was a tough one. There wasn’t anything horrible that went on, it want one of those “the first since…” years.

No, it was tough because I wasn’t sure what we wanted as a gift. After some thinking and searching, we decided we wanted an Apple TV.

It was a great idea! I love it!

What I love most about it is Hulu. I stream most of my tv watching on Hulu.

I also love that it connects to our iTunes account. The few videos and show ps we have on the, but even more the music! The Husband loves his music videos and this is a great way for him to enjoy it.

The fact that we can also stream from our devices (iPad and iPhone specifically) is a huge selling point.

The downfalls? You can’t add apps to the device. However, since I can connect my iPad anyway, there is a way that we can still interact with apps. We can play games, etc…

The biggest downfall for me is the fact that the remote us SO SMALL!!! Yes, that is a downfall. It is so small that every single time I put it down I’m looking for it. It is too small! I put it down on my lap and lose it. That’s how small and light it is.

Overall, I love that we have the Apple TV. With it I would even consider canceling my cable subscription…if I could get The Husband to give up just a few things…or once Hulu picks up a few shows.


Note: I was paid in o way for this review. I simply got this as a gift and thought I would write a review on it.


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