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Bird is the word

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One day I asked The Husband if he wanted a bird. I might have mentioned that it might be nice.

He emphatically said no.

Fast forward a year or so at Christmas time and I came home to him telling me to close my eyes. When I was allowed to open them, there was a parakeet sitting in a little blue cage in the living room. She was very sweet, quiet, and, I’m sure, trying to figure out where the heck she was and how the heck she got there.

I soon found out that she was flying around outside his classroom and was very apparently and escaped bird. They did some research and tried the find the owner and when they came up empty handed he volunteered to take her home since I had mentioned so very long ago that I had wanted one.

I had pretty much gotten over wanting a bird, but was very happy to see her. She’s great!

When we introduced her to a swing, lets just say she was less than thrilled. I’m talking loud squawking and nervous jumping for hours. I was getting ready to give up on it, give her a rest, and take it out just to calm her. The Husband told me not to, just leave it in and she would get used to it. I had to cover her cage with a towel just to calm her…the next morning she was calmly sitting on the swing. She has since fallen in love with it and is now her number one spot…especially at night while she sleeps.

We have since gotten her a bigger cage because I felt bad. All she would do is sit in one little spot in the middle of the cage. Then jump up to her swing for the night. I didn’t think she was leading a very happy life. So, a new and improved bigger cage.

She loves it! It took some coercing to get her into it (which ironically involved taking her beloved swing and putting it in it then placing both cages together and giving her about two hours to finally move over). I love that she can move around, flap her wings, jump from post to post, climb the walls, etc… She is now a very active bird!

Yes, there are moments when she squawks annoyingly at us when she doesn’t feel she is getting her due attention, but that squawking is nice in the morning when she thinks I should already be down in the morning before work…gets me moving!

Sunny T. Bird, a favored member of the family:



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