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I don’t know anyone who hasn’t had a problem finding “the right one” blue tooth for themselves. You know what I mean. Either you can’t hear them but they can hear you, you can hear them but they can’t hear you, or no one can hear anything!

I’ve also learned that was is “perfect” for some isn’t perfect for others. I have the added challenge that my hearing sucks! I have a definite, undiagnosed, loss of hearing in my right ear. I am fairly certain I have a condition called CAPD (central auditory processing disorder). Again undiagnosed but all the signs are there for me.

What CAPD basically means (in a nutshell for someone who doesn’t experience it) is that brain doesn’t filter sounds. I hear EVERYTHING all at once! If the heater is on I can’t hear the tv. If I am on the phone with The Husband I and he is driving, I can’t hear him because I can literally hear the car on the road. I hear too much!

Even more is I must have the oddest shaped ears ever because I have NEVER been able to find any in ear headphone that doesn’t fall out of one ear while hurting the other, and still be able to hear.

With that, it makes it even harder for me to find a “perfect” blue tooth. I have found the ones that go into the ear are no good because they block out too much sound and I can’t hear my surroundings. I get disoriented. All the other ones I can never hear because it lets in too much sound. For the longest time I thought I would never find the perfect blue tooth for me.

Add to all of that I am a tight wad and refuse to pay a ridiculous amount of money for something that may or may not work and will most definitely would wear out long before I thought it paid for itself. If it costs me more than $20 I expect to be buried with it…and I am not expecting to be buried anytime soon!

Until one day about two plus years ago I was at Costco and there was a decent blue tooth there…for $20…that I had seen other places for more than $60…hm, well I’m willing to pay that much and see…

I’m telling you now, it was a match made in heaven! I couldn’t believe it! I still can’t! Two years later I still love it. Three phones later and I have never had a problem. It has a HUGE battery life! I live that when I turn it on it tells me “phone one connected…battery level is medium” or whatever the level is because I KNOW if I have to charge it rather than guess.

There is nothing I don’t love about this device!

Last week I went to put it on as I was getting in the car to go home…I couldn’t find it. When I got home I ripped apart the house looking for it and emptied my work bag completely and couldn’t find it. After some thinking there was a good chance it was on my desk at work.

I was at a loss…I was sad because how could this happen! I was always so careful with it.

Then, this morning, I park the truck, get out and look down…I wish I could say this story ends well, but the only good news is that now I know where it is (and was all this time)…RIP my favorite blue tooth, RIP:



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