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My hands always have to be busy. I can’t just be talking, sitting, thinking, whatever without my hands doing something.

In meetings I am constantly drawing random doodles on my papers.

If I have a pen, I am constantly clicking it (drives people crazy so I try really hard not to do this).

If I have nothing, I end up fiddling with my rings taking them on and off.

My administrative assistant is the most affected by this horrible habit of mine because I am constantly picking things up from her desk while I am talking to her or anyone else in the lobby. Drives her crazy!

I “solved this once by getting a stress ball of sorts that I picked up at a training and put it on her desk near where I usually stand and talk with her and put my name on it. It worked until she took it over! She liked it so much that hashes now uses it and I could never find it because it was in her hands.

My solution? I odd a while box of them!

I Laos have a few other objects around my desk, meeting tables, etc… I call them “fiddlers”. The problem is that I am not the only person who uses or needs them.

Therefore, if you ever come around my department, you will find these fiddlers in various area around the program. It helps us think!



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