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Sometimes I surprise myself. Every once in a while I open the refrigerator for a meal with no idea what I’m going to make and a wacky idea hits me

Today, I opened the refrigerator and saw a container of plain cooked pasta (I made homemade Mac and cheese Wednesday). I then saw a small container if salsa verde from the Mexican restaurant I had picked up I think Tuesday. I was dreading tossing out the pasta, so an idea hit me: mix the salsa with the pasta!

Wait, don’t be grossed out, I promise it turns out good.

I heated the pasta, tossed in the salsa, sprinkled in some shredded cheese, and…YOU GUYS!

O…M…G! That was the best leftover lunch I made in a long time! I will probably make this on purpose in day for sure!

I’m thinking of calling it Mexican pasta…thoughts?



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