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Did you ever have a conversation with someone and realize they are NOT getting the point?

That happened to me today. My staff have been lovingly harassing me all week because I got myself a new “work wardrobe” last weekend and so this whole week is a week of new clothes. I love my staff because there is always good joking going on so them harassing me is strictly out of caring and fun teasing. It’s great!

I was expressing my struggle in buy the new clothes because I simply HATE shopping. I hate spending money. It really has nothing to do with anything other than my penny pinching ways. I hate spending money on anything that doesn’t serve a purpose or that is just going to go to waste. For some reason, clothes always falls in that category for me. I hate spending money on clothes because I always feel like I’m spending more than it is actually worth. At some point I am going to have to buy more clothes for ridiculous amounts of money!

I simply HATE spending money on clothes. I know, weird, but it’s true. When I buy anything, if I can’t picture it being used in six months, or the novelty wearing off, I will usually skip over it. I’d rather spend money of experiences and needs (food, gas, hygiene products). Ultimately I see clothes as a mix of need and luxury. Yes, we need clothes but spending $20 on a shirt just seems so ridiculous.

That said, we were talking about it at work and I said how I hate spending money. One of the girls says, “you need to learn to appreciate yourself more. You deserve to buy things for yourself” Seriously, I thought to myself, “yeah, it’s not about appreciating myself…it really is about hating to spend money.”

I simply said, “yeah, I have plenty of self worth. For me, spending money on myself isn’t about not liking me, it really is about me hating to spend money on anything or anyone.”

So, here is a sample of my new wardrobe…I love every bit of it and, apparently, I now have self worth because I bought it…



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