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New year, new start

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It’s 2013! Not to sound too cliche, but seriously? Where did 2012 go? I know I somewhat disappeared for a while, and I’m not making any promises to be back with a force, but I think it’s time to be back somewhat.

I’m sure I have lost every one of my readers in my absence. If you’re around, stop in and say hi. If you’re not, I’m sorry. The sad part is I’ve really just been lurking around other blogs as well and haven’t left many comments. But I have been reading! Does that count for something?

Nothing spectacular happened in 2012. That’s a good thing, right? Work continued for me and I still very much enjoy my job. I can’t go into too many details as a work for a pretty well known place that works with homeless people. Specifically, I manage the children’s program and love every second of it.

I am always humbled when I talk to people who provide activities and things as they are always thanking me for what I do, I have learned I have to take a step back and just say thank you; but I have to say I feel like I get more than I give. I love what I do, and the kids make it all so worth it!

Having now gone through two full years, I can say that there is never a dull moment and I wouldn’t change it for the world! Can I just say thank you to the state of California for having a budget impasse in 2010 that caused me to be laid off and looking for work…without it I would never have gotten the job I have. So, messed up government does have a few perks, right?!?!

So, here I am starting off the new year in great job, married to an amazing man,and feeling pretty darn good! Bring it on 2013!

I got a new wardrobe to face you with as well:



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