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Managing an Orchestra

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Two different teen were in my office today at completely different times. They weren’t dig anything but hanging out. I don’t want you to get the wrong impression, they were only in my office because their favorite person was out for a meeting and so they were bored and decided I was the next best thing. Although, I guess it is saying something that I was better than nothing, right?

Anyway, what was interesting was that both of them asked me the same question, “Miss Jennifer, what do you do all day?”

On a day like today it isn’t easy to answer because it doesn’t seem like much. One asked if I just checked emails all day. Well, today, pretty much because it was a quiet day. We just got out of the Holiday season and that is an insane time! Lost of activities going on, children out of school, things to plan, staff to schedule. There is a lot! But it only comes in waves, and for that I am grateful.

Manage the budget, decide what gets spent on what and when. Yeah, but when I look at it all, sometimes it doesn’t seem like much. But I know it’s something.

In a conversation I had with my new supervisor the other day, he described it perfectly: it’s like an orchestra and you are the leader. You are there waving your baton making sure everything is going as it should. You are directing and getting everyone to do their jobs. When the flutes start falling behind, you don’t go and pick up a flute, who will lead then? You get them back on track and, when needed, train them up a bit; challenge them to become better.

That’s exactly was a manager should do. From the outside it looks like your just waving your little baton around in the air; but there I a lot more going on that you don’t see! That is what a manager does.

And I am lucky enough to do it with this view from my office:



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