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Last weekend I had a lot of activities to attend. As a result, there was one activity that I missed out on that I really wanted to attend. At the last minute we got an offer of tickets to see Cavalia and I was so disappointed to miss that.

However, good things come to those who wait! On Thursday I got another call for free tickets for Friday night. I jumped at the chance which meant that Friday night I got to go see the show.

First, let me tell you, A. MA. ZING! It was truly incredible the things that they did and got the horses to do.

Before going, I read some reviews on Yelp and was disappointed with all the negative reviews. What Icahn say is that yes, the seats are close together. What do you expect in a tent? But the show was the right length of time with the perfect intermission. The seating actually made it feel like you we’re a part of the show, everything was so close and the stage really had minimal separation between the audience and the show.

I would highly recommend attending!



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