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Last week I decided that I would start, again, to have a more active lifestyle. Instead of sitting around all weekend, I would do at least one thing each weekend…and boy did I start out with a doozy!

Since it’s the holidays, working where I work, there is a lot going on during the week. Between gifts coming in, donors providing trips for the kids, and activities provided to the residents, there is never a dull moment in December. Maybe I should have waited until next month to start an active lifestyle…but no, I’m never one to put off something once I set my mind to it.

So, Friday night was one of those work events where the children are taken out and we didn’t get back until 7:30…then by the time parents came and picked up their kids, I didn’t get out of there until well past 8:30

Then, come Saturday morning, back to work for a Christmas festival. That’s lots of activity, crafts, helping kids get gifts, for two straight hours, not to mention the set up and take down…

Sunday? The MIL’s birthday and that meant lunch with the family. Very nice, very fun, but did I mention that our Christmas tree was sitting at home waiting to be decorated? Yep,The Husband went out Sunday morning and brought hence my tree. I love it! But it’s work putting it up and all the rest of the decorations…good work, but work.

So, active lifestyle, I’m coming at you with a vengeance!

How did you spend your weekend?


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