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Why yes we did have eggs and hashbrowns for breakfast…emu egg that is!

We have a local farm we get our eggs from. They have emus and when The Husband stopped by there the last time they had a fresh emu egg. Let me tell you, while it’s not as large as an ostrich egg there was still some major leftovers from it!   And I served us each more than we typically would have eaten anyway.

So, have you ever had emu egg?


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  1. Goodness Gracious that is one big egg! Oh, and no I have never had an emu egg, and I love the cup holding the egg too!!!

    • That was post cooking. I punctured the ends and blew it out so that we could take it work for the kids. But yes it is huge! I can’t even imagine an ostrich egg. The farm has them as well, we just haven’t gotten one yet. You have to go at the right time.

      Eeyore is always willing to share his duties to a good cause.

    • Also, it really didn’t taste much different than q chicken egg.


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