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It’s that time again…

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Lots of events, lots of activities, lots of things going on…mostly at work, but that leads to a very busy time.

Events stacked on top of one another, a big move as our new building is coming to completion, and, as a result, LOTS of tours and donors coming through.  I’m not complaining, donors mean that our programs can continue to run and run at the high quality we can get them to which means more success for our clients.

This last week has been crazy mostly because I have been fighting off a cold from day one of the week.  I never actually got much more than a sore throat.  In the mornings I would be a bit stuffy, but it was quickly cleared for the day and, once I had breakfast, pretty much was okay.

Then again, if I talked too much then I ended up with a sore throat again; but I was able to manage.  It did, however, mean that I went to bed early every night (which is probably why I managed to keep it at bay).

I’d like to say that I’m ready to jump feet first into the holiday season, but I would be lying.  I am SO not ready! I am, however, looking forward to 3 and a half days off…I one day I have to (get to?) go in and help volunteers put together all our new furniture for the new classrooms.  While it will be work, it’s going to be loads of fun!

Do you have fun Holiday plans?

Are you ready for the Holiday season?

How have you been?


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  1. Just excited for my ‘kids’ to come home for the holidays, I just enjoy them while I can!! I am cooking a lot from scratch which I never have done before but with them older I have more energy, so I am feeling adventurous in the kitchen!!


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