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I know I’ve said it before, but I love my job.  It’s said that time flies when you’re having fun and it’s never more true than this past year (plus some).

I am always busy, but a good busy.  There are the stressful times where reports are due and there are a million things going on; however, there are usually a million FUN things going on and once in a while a stressful report or task to take care of is sprinkled in…but even then the stressful stuff is usually a bit fun mostly because they are a good challenge.

I love puzzles and real life puzzles that need my solving…well, that’s just a bit of my heaven!

So, while this past year has had some downs, it’s been mostly ups and when not ups, there was something fun to look forward to having to do.

What makes time fly for you?


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I'm a happily married, thirty-something, Orthodox Chirstian, San Diegan, child development professions...that's me in a nutshell. But there is so much more to me! Come find out!

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