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I Blinked…

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…and then it was 6 days into November and all sorts of things have happened that I never got around to writing about and NaBloPoMo started and I didn’t even feel the slightest bit of guilt that I was not participating this year.

I don’t even thing for a second that I would be successful in it.  Things are just busy, crazy, and all in a good way.

Yesterday a friend and I went to a taping of AFV; it’ll air December 11th if you want to watch…I’ll probably remind you.  It was so much fun!

I have been to tapings before for sitcoms, but this was a totally different experience.  Plus, it was great to spend time with a friend who we have not been able to spend as much time as we used to.  It was great!

This is a tough month in one way in that it was this month a year ago that my Grandma passed away.  I do miss her, but I have found that little things I do keep her memory alive for me and all in a good way.

Having one of her dolls sitting on the tv stand just below the tv is a constant reminder.

Baking cookies with her baking sheets and other kitchen utensils is just another reminder.  It’s small things, but I smile and think of her each time.

On occasion, I find myself thinking “Grandma would have so wanted to go see that movie” or “If Grandma were still here I would love to take her to this, she would have a blast.”

So, with that sad, while I may not have a post every day, I will be using pictures I have of her or a few of the dolls she made.

Now, on to more upbeat things cause she would kill me if I was still talking about this a year later…

Have you ever been to a television show taping?




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  1. So glad you are crazy good busy and do know that it is normal and ok to feel sad, I feel sad about loved ones that have passed and you were very close to your Grandma and it is still fresh, it has only been a year.
    Oh, and the taping sounds like fun, I have never been to a taping of a show, I have only participated in a talk show once and it was wild, The Tyra Banks Show, very odd.


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