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Settling Their Bet

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Around here, we have been seeing many commercials for the breakfast platters at the big-name fast food restaurants.  I commented to The Husband the other day that I think that the CEO’s at these companies actually really get along quite well and every once in a while they come up with a bet between themselves.

Picture it, the CEO’s of McDonald’s, Burger King, and Jack-in-the-Box are out playing a round of golf, chatting away, making fun of the CEO’s of Wendy’s and Sonic because they aren’t part of the “in crowd”.  Anyway, then one of them jokingly turns to the other two and says, “Oh, we have the BEST breakfast platter idea.  It’s going to really change the industry.  We are going to rule the breakfasts!”

Of course, the other two can’t stand for this and then…a bet is formed.  “I bet that we can sell more breakfast platters in a three-month period than you can!”  And of course, being the competitive guys that they are, they each shake hands, agree on terms, and thus, the public is inundated with breakfast platter commercials, cheap pricing of said platters, and we are none the wiser that we are but pawns in the bets of billionaire corporate people!

The Husband, being the fun guy that he is, after hearing my theory as to why we are inundated with these commercials, then cooks up a breakfast that is his wifes dream!  Unbeknownst to her (that’s me) he went out and bought 2 platters from each place (one for each of us) so that we (mostly me) can do a comparison and, well, at least settle the bet as to whose is the best.

And you, blog readers, reap the benefits of not having to do your own comparison.  You are very welcome…I am very stuffed…and had enough left over to feed myself another 4 meals.

So, here are the results:

In last place is Jack-in-the-Box.  Why?  Well, while their “mini pancakes” are fun, they add up to actually LESS pancake overall.  You get 8, but it takes 3 to measure up to the other restaurants’ and you get 3 big pancakes each at those places.  You get 8, but do the math: 3 mini’s equal 1 large therefore 8 is less than 3 large.

Also, those pancakes are not fluffy, and are somewhat tough.  Their syrup is also WAY TOO sweet!  In addition, you get less amounts of hash browns than the other two.

Although, you do get your choice of sausage OR bacon, and that is a plus in our house because I prefer sausage and he prefers bacon.  The one mini plus is the eggs.  They have the best texture; although they are bland.

They are also the least expensive at $2.99 in our area; but at some point you just have to say, “You get what you pay for.”

In second place is Burger King.  While their eggs have the best flavoring (seasoning through out), the texture just isn’t right.  You do get the most, and best tasting, hash browns compared to the three restaurants, and their butter choice is the favored around here. (to be fair, Jack-in-the-Box had run out of butter and so we couldn’t really compare that one, but I do think that the lack of supplies should also be considered).

Now, BK also includes a bread option (which JitB does not).  BK includes a croissant.  Had they toasted the croissant, it might have pushed them up a bit in the running.  Their sausage was better than JitB, but still a bit bland.  Without the syrup, their pancakes were equal to the winner; but once you added syrup, they just didn’t match up.

At $4.29, they might have actually won it if they had dropped the prise even 50 cents.

It was a tight race between 2nd and 1st place.  The winner, though, would have to be McDonald’s.

At $3.99 you definitely get the most for your money.  They have the largest of the pancakes option, you get BOTH sausage AND bacon (although, the bacon is really half pieces), eggs (which were definitely blander than BK, and not the textural favorite), and english muffin.

As a bonus, they give you a package with the meal that includes not just a fork and knife (they all included these options) but also salt, pepper, and even jam.

Their sausage easily won for flavor and texture.  While their pancakes were pretty close in taste to BK, when adding the syrup, it took them over the top.  They have definitely found a syrup that best matches their pancakes.

Even without the chance to win (Monopoly game on their hash browns), this was by far the best for your money in both quality and taste.

So, there you have it.  If their bet is who can sell the most, then I don’t know who will win; however, if their bet is whose is the best, McDonald’s wins hand down.

So, have you tried all the fast food breakfast platters?

Which is your favorite?

Below is picture evidence that I in no way at ALL of the meals, it was way too much food and, well, lunch for the next two days and a snack later were definitely appreciative of the left overs.

This post is in no way solicited from anyone.  It was simply a “fun activity” thought up by The Husband…all opinions are our own, but if anyone wants to give us a free meal for it we would not say no 🙂


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  1. I don’t get platters because I don’t eat bacon or sausage or hashbrowns. If I splurge on grabbing breakfast I will grab and Egg McMuffin, I do like the Canadian Bacon, go figure??


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