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I got a new hand mixer for my birthday (thank you mom and day) with new mixing bowls (again, thank you mom and dad).  I have long been lusting over a kitchenaide stand mixer; but then I got to thinking that it would just take up counter space and it’s not one of those items you can take in and out of the cabinets easily…those suckers are HEAVY!

So, I decided a kitchenaide hand mixer was the best way to go and, while I was at it, why not get some nice mixing bowls that would last and weren’t plastic?

When one gets a new gift like this careful thought needs to go in to what will the first thing be to make with a tool like this.  You can’t just make anything with something like this for the very first use.  It has to be something that will set the path to greatness for the machine.  I mean, sure, one day it will be used to make just simple mashed potatoes or to whip cream or egg whites.  But the FIRST use must be special!

It was an easy decision for me.  The first use for a machine like this could only be one thing:

Grandma’s Chocolate Chip Cookies

And that is exactly what I did on Saturday.

These aren’t just any Chocolate Chip Cookies; these are the ones that my Grandma was known for making; the ones that will forever be missed because, although we all have the recipe, we just can’t make them the same way.

Sure one day I’ll make snickerdoodles, a cake, cupcakes, mashed potatoes, and a number of many other things; but Grandma’s Chocolate Chip Cookies are just too special.

And let me tell you…they were a great way to break in the new machine.  If it’s any indication, me and my red hand mixer will be together for a very long and satisfying relationship!

What is your special recipe to break in a new machine in the kitchen?

What’s your favorite kind of cookie?


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