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We have a pet gecko.  I never thought I’d be a lover of reptiles.  Te be fair, I still am not a lover of reptiles; but I am a lover of THIS particular reptile.

His name is Zack…or Luke…or Zack…

When we first got him, I brought him to the center I was working at and he became a classroom pet until we had enough space at home to house him.  We got him from a sweet little boy from my husband’s center who, I think, was moving and just couldn’t have him any more.  He wrote the absolutely sweetest little note thanking us for taking him and taking good care have “Zack”.

I’m weird enough that I talk to animals (and wouldn’t be surprised if they talked back one day).  So, when I was taking him from our place, putting him in the car, buckling him in (yes, I also buckle the animals into the car) and talked to him the whole way.  “I know it’s scary, but we’ll get there soon…okay, here we go…oh aren’t you so cute sitting at the top of your log…okay, the kids are going to love you!”

Yes, I am a bit strange that way.  Somewhere in loading “Zach” into my car, driving him up to the center (a 40 minute drive at the time), talking to him, and unloading him and bringing him to my office, he became “Luke”.  I don’t know how, but he did.  I even texted The Husband about how much “Luke” loved his new home and was making friends with the kids.

The Husband texted back…”Who’se Luke?”

Long story short, for his time at the center, we continued to call him Luke because the kids all called him Luke and it worked.

Now that he is back with us, he is Zack.

Zack is one strange Gecko.  That pose up there?  That’s his “I’m hungry will you humans feed me please?” pose.  Seriously, have you ever seen a Gecko stand like that?  He can stand like that for HOURS!!!

Just waiting for his food…praying to the food gods or something…he’s so awesome and cute!

That in no way means that I am a lover of reptiles…I just love our little Zack.

Are you a lover of reptiles?

Do your pets do crazy things?



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