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My dad is THE BEST dad in the whole wide world!  I’m not even going to say “my dad can beat up your dad” because he probably could, but he wouldn’t…he’s not the type.

My dad IS however much more fun than your dad.  I can swear to that!  I definitely get my sense of humor from him.

Want something built?  He’ll do it so well with just his hands and simple tools that you would have thunk that it was made professionally.

Need your car fixed?  Yep, he’ll do that, too!

He’ll also play a game with you, go down slides at the park, climb through tunnels, play soccer, watch the football game, and of course play jokes with you!

My dad is the absolute best in the world!  Most of my childhood memories are of me spending time with him in the garage or out in the yard building, fixing, or just being together.

Every child should have a dad in their life.  Dad’s are very important.  But my dad?  He’s the BEST!  I can’t imagine having any other dad in the world…and I wouldn’t want to anyway!

Happy Birthday Daddy!


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I'm a happily married, thirty-something, Orthodox Chirstian, San Diegan, child development professions...that's me in a nutshell. But there is so much more to me! Come find out!

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