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I have a pretty wild imagination.  I always have.  Not necessarily in the sense that I make up scenarios that don’t really happen; but in the sense that I can come up with some crazy explinaition as to how things work knowing full well that’s not how it happens, but wouldn’t it be cool it it did?

For example, when I was younger I had a toy musical instrument set.  You know the kind that is a drum but you take off the lid and it’s full of shakers, flutes, etc…  A parent’s worst nightmare of a toy for their child and only an auntie would dare give it to them because who else would give a child a gift that would drive a parent INSANE!

Well, I had one of those and I remember taking it out to the front driveway and pounding on it.  I was old enough to know about how echoes worked, but still, my imaginiation was much better.  See, where we lived across the street there was a hill and on top of that hill were more houses.  You couldn’t really see up there, but you knew there were families up there.

In my mind, when I played my drum and heard the echo coming back, I always thought that there was a little boy (don’t know why I never thought it was a girl) up there who would be playing with me and rumming the same rythm back to me.  It was a game this boy and I played together.

I can’t say that I ever actually had imaginary friends that went around with me; but they played with me from a distance I guess.

I also imagined that there was always someone else on the exact other side of the world doing EXACTLY what I was doing at the exact same time.  I was putting on a blue shirt?  So was this person.  I was getting into the car to go to Church?  So was she!  At some point I remember imagining that this person wasn’t on the other side of the world, but living right in the same town and we would never ever meet because if I was walking left, so was she, if I stopped, so did she….weird?  Probably!

My favorite imaginations, however, are in how things work.  I still do it!  Like batteries.  Ever since the Energizer Bunny was introduced to the world, I always imagine that inside a battery is a little bunny with a drum on his front running from one end to the other and that’s how a battery works!  And when a batteriy dies, well that just mean the bunny has gotten too tired.

Crazy?  Yes!  but it’s fun to imagine!  Guess that’s why I love hanging around kids so much.  You should hear the explanations they come up with!

Do you have a wild imaginiation?

Did you have imaginary friends?


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