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He’s MY Super Hero!

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I might, at times, give The Husband a hard time.  I might make fun of some of his “strange ways”.  If you don’t really know me, you might think I’m just plain mean.

If you know me, you know that making fun of you totally means I like you.  The more I like you, the more I give you a hard time.

What I don’t tell him nearly enough is that he is my Super Hero!

I love him more than anything.  Heck, anyone who can put up with my harassment is someone who I definitely need to keep around!  I so don’t deserve this awesome man in my life; but God has blessed me by not only putting him in my life, but also by convincing him that I was to be his wife and marry me.

In our Church, when you marry someone you are no longer two people; nope, you come together as ONE.  He so makes us a better ONE!

So, he’s MY super hero and you can’t have him!  Find your own, but good luck with that!

Who’s your super hero?


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I'm a happily married, thirty-something, Orthodox Chirstian, San Diegan, child development professions...that's me in a nutshell. But there is so much more to me! Come find out!

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