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Today, as I do on many occasions, I walked to the grocery store.  Halfway there As soon as I walked out of the garage I knew it was a mistake, but stubborn me decided to forge ahead anyway.  I should have gotten in the car and just drove there; however, I just can’t stand driving two blocks just to go grocery shopping, especially because I have this awesome cart.

Why should I have driven?  Because it was noon-thirty and nearly 100 degrees out!  I should have realized it was too hot.  By the time I arrived at the store, I was a sweaty mess.

Oh well, I got the shopping done ($2 under my planned budget thankyouverymuch!) came home, unloaded the groceries, and cooled off.

What about that cart?  Oh, it’s awesome.  It’s perfect for my weekly shopping trip.  It’s a Bag Buddy Cart.  I did a review of this product more than two years ago and I STILL love it!  Unfortunately, it doesn’s look like you can get one because the original website is down and I can’t seem to find it anywhere.

However, I can tell you that this cart is my true best shopping friend.  It is a VERY RARE occasion that I don’t take it to the grocery store with me.  I only don’t take it when I’m just getting 1 bag of food (which rarely never happens) or when I know I’m going to be getting way MORE than will fit in here.

Usually if I need more than will fit, I just drive my car.  Again, I just find it so wrong to drive to a store that is literally two blocks away.  By the time I get in the car, start it, and drive to the store, I practically can walk there!

While walking today, it dawned on me that there IS a way that I can still walk when I am getting more than my usual.  We have a foldable wagon we picked up ages ago at Costco, I could easily take that and it would fit the larger amounts…but please don’t tell my Bag Buddy because I don’t want to hurt his feelings.  He is so awesome!

Do you walk to the store?

Do you have a cool cart?


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  1. That is great that you can walk to the store! I live too far away. I could possibly walk to the smaller grocery store but I don’t shop there too often because it is sooo expensive, I mean seriously expensive they increase the prices for the tourist, we all know it LOL.

    • That is so true. Living in San Diego, there are definitely higher prices not only in the more touristy areas, but there is even more of a hike during the high tourist times. Living in the outskirts of San Diego helps us.


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