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Some who know me find it hard to believe, but I hate clutter!  Unfortunately, I hate it when it gets to a point that is completely gone too far.

Kind of.

See when I have time I am pretty okay about keeping the clutter down.  When I’m motivated (i.e. people coming to visit) I get it cleared up real fast.

But, how I really keep the clutter down is just not accumulating junk!  When something comes into my house, it has to have a clear purpose.  Otherwise, it’s probably not going to get in my front door (or back door, sliding doors, garage door, etc…).

I really have no problem throwing things away that I don’t need/use…well, except for children’s books.  I can NOT get myself to even donate a single one of my children’s books; and I have A LOT!!!

The thing I have learned about clutter is that it sneaks up on you.  One day, everything is completely organized and not over flowing and the next, the DVD’s have multiplied like bunnies, there are more books than a library has, individual knick-knacks have somehow duplicated exponentially while your back was turned, the pens have gone hog wild, eeyore is taking over an entire room, and O   M    G   those hair bands/barrets/ties/etc… are EVERYWHERE!

That being said, the other place that I like to keep the clutter out is on the social networks.  You know, twitter, facebook, etc…  Every once in a while I go through a phase where I just accept any and all friend requests (or follow anyone who asks me to follow them).

I find myself following people’s boring lives and I don’t even know who they are or how I became their friends.

Tonight, I decluttered my social interweb.  I took off every person who I do not, nor never did have, a personal relationship with.  People from my past, okay.  People who I currently know, okay.  But the people that I look at and wonder who the heck are they and why do I care that their daughter lost her first tooth…GONE!

Do you ever declutter the social networks?

What are your feelings on clutter?


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  1. I de-clutter a lot too! Yes, Like you, I have some things that tend to creep up on me but overall I am pretty good with keeping clutter at bay. Now, with My social networks I treat each differently. Twitter, I tend to follow a wide variety. It is quick and the timeline flows so if I miss a tweet,it is no big deal. Now, Facebook, I keep simple. I only have friends and some family. I do like to follow some of my guilty pleasures, some television personalities but I drop them as they become boring. And, Like you I update from time to time.

    • Twitter is so much less personal that it’s easier to be a bit more relaxed there for sure! We’re starting to really bump up the social media side at work and with where I work it’s important to not let clients have too easy access into our personal lives.

      Plus, when I first started blogging and social media things, it was really with the intention to brand myself and possibly make some money on the side with it; now I’m going in a different direction so it’s easy to pull back.


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