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That frame above is EXACTLY what The Husband looks like at times while eating.  Seriously!  He has some major food issues.

Okay, not often, but at times.

Now, to be fair, I am quite the opposite of him with food.  If it looks okay, smells okay, and tastes even slightly okay, I’m probably going to forge ahead and eat it.

He, on the other hand, will toss out a full gallon of milk at 12:01am August 23 because the date printed on the bottle (jug? jar? what do you call it?) is August 22.  Seriously!  When we were first married, I went to get the milk to use for breakfast and it had mysteriously disappeared since I last saw it.  Where did it go?  He dumped it because the date was the day before!

Me, on the other hand, think the 5 second rule is just a “rule of thumb”…5 seconds, 6 seconds, 10 minutes.  Brush it off and call it a day.  (okay, 10 minutes is pushing it; I’ll never eat something that’s been on the floor longer than 9 minutes and 45 seconds!  not really, but the 5 second rule stands for me even though Mythbusters totally debunked that rule).

He will absolutely completely stop eating an entire meal if he sees ME pull off MY PLATE one of my very own hairs.  Seriously!  If we are eating a dinner that I prepared and it even LOOKS like I am picking a hair off my plate (even if it’s not actually in my food and even though I KNOW it’s MY HAIR) he will stop eating!

I won’t stand for a hair in my food if I’m at a restaurant…home?  Eh, pick it out and move along.

He will only eat his veggies if they are complete mush from a can.

I won’t eat ANYTHING from a can.  I seriously gag while opening cans.

IF he actually convinces me to open a can a, let’s say, shredded beef and he walks in while I am opening said can and sees the icky look on my face…won’t want to eat it.  Not sure what that’s about; but if I’m going to actually put myself out and open a nasty can of meat, then at least EAT the darn thing!

I can’t eat fruit that has been cut by anyone other than me or if there is even the slightest blemish on it….even if it’s a teeny tiny bruise on an apple that can be cut off; nope, can’t do it.

So, in our 5 plus years of marriage, we have come up with some really opposite food issues (as you can see).  I’m happy to say that we have since grown.

He no longer looks at the date on the milk.

I cook his portion of frozen or fresh veggies to the mushy state he likes them to be.

I don’t wait longer than 5 seconds to pick something up off the floor (kidding, I never really did).

He has actually been known to forge through a meal after watching me pick a hair off my own plate…we’re still working on the hair on HIS plate, but he’ll get there 🙂

I have actually been known to actually peel a banana that has a few brown freckles on the outside before declaring it uneatable…heck, I actually broke one in half after it was peeled the other day and just tossed the half that had a teeny tiny bruise one it…that’s HUGE progress.

I will, however, NEVER stop making the “stink face” when opening a can of meat.  Meat should NEVER come from a can.  Actually, the only thing I can eat from a can without making stink face is enchilada sauce…but that’s about it.  Seriously!

What kinds of food issues do you have?

Can you eat food from a can?




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  1. I understand how your husband feels. Growing up myself I had the same type of issues, but probably like him, it was based on real life events.

    99% of the time the milk in the container was bad the day after. Most of you know that smell, or if you were to shake it you probably could make cheese from it!

    Nothing ruins a good piece of meat, mash potatos, salad, etc. than a strand of hair in it. My bet is, if there is one to be found, there is probably more mixed in there somewhere!

    Vegetables a bit different…I believe it’s how you were raised and what you were introduced to. My dad was a cook in the Marines, so he had to feed hundreds of enlistees in chow hall. Can vegetables go a long way and last longer in this type of scenario, so that’s the way home was, can green beans, can corn, can sweet peas, etc. was the standard dinner fare. Frozen peas and green beans? No, texture thing, too crunchy, frozen corn, carrots? Just fine.

    Meat a different issue, growing up, I always had the best choice of meat….courtesy of my dad growing up in a butcher shop in Kansas. We always had the best choice and cuts of meat. Growing up and going on my own, shredded beef from a can made a nice plate of tacos when you needed to fix somthing quick. Tuna comes in a can, and I love that as well! Note: You probably don’t like tuna either, huh? lol!

    One other thing I should mention, is brands of food. I’m sorry but some brands taste better than others, price has nothing to do with it…it’s the taste…so I’ll spend more if it’s the brand that I will eat more of than a brand that will sit in the friidge and die of expiration date before it gets used up.

    Anyways, that’s my 2cents worth…I’m going to go now and have some can baked beans, with hot dogs and a freshly made box of Kraft’s Mac n Cheese! lol!


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