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Please excuse the horrible state of these picture.  I had to use my phone and well, you know how cell phone pictures can be, right?  Once I remember where I put my phone, I’ll be able to get you some much better picture.  That involves using my memory and you all know how well that works out for me.

I’m spoiled…by The Husband…though I know he doesn’t think he spoils me and would love to spoil me some more, I am more than spoiled!

This weekend The Husband said something crazy during breakfast prayers that hinted at celebrating my brithday in the afternoon.  I kind of looked at him crazy, reminded him that my birthday was still a month away, and then moved on.  If you were married to The Husband you would just move on as well…he says crazy things all the time and so you just have to roll with it.

I figured we would stop for ice cream or something on the way home (which, by the way, I would consider awesome in itself because I love ice cream).

We had gone to an annual summer party that one of the parents at his work puts on every year.  It’s fun to get to go and every year it’s crazy to see how much the kids have grown and changed in that year.

On the way home, he suggested we stop at Costco.  I love walking around Costco.  He mentioned something about looking at a DVD he wanted to check out, I commented that we have a new rule: for every one DVD you bring in, two have to leave, he commented on all the DVDs he has gotten rid of lately, and we drove our merry way to Costco.

Note that the above conversation was all in fun…sort of…we have way too many DVDs and I am probably a big causer of the problem.

Anyway, we got to Costco and began out usual route through the televisions, admiring and talking about what size we will get when the time is right.  We decided a 40″ is the perfect size for us.  We took a bit longer to look as we’ve been talking more and more about it lately.   I was a bit suspicious of this, but not too much as we were just talking about televisions the other day so now was as good a time as any to price them (plus, you know those 5 week months where you get an extra pay day?  Well, we get on next month, so that’s good).

Then we went to look at the DVDs and just sort of wandered our usual route.

Then, on the way back to the front, The Husband veered back to the televisions.  He asked me which of two I prefered and I totally figured that I’d be getting one for my birthday in a month; especially since he was asking ME which one I prefered.  Otherwise, he would have just chosen one and surprised me one night by bringing it home, right?


It’s a horrible picture above, but after he asked me which one I wanted, he then asked me to go out and get a flat cart to load it up!

Even better, he said the words I always love to hear when we get new things, “Are you ready to set it up?”

Yep!  He even let me put it all together and set it all up.  I could get a new tv every day if it meant I got to set it up.  I love putting new things together.

The great thing about this is that I WILL get another change to put it together again.  When we get a new TV stand for it I’ll have to reconfigure it and, even more of a gift, I will probably get to put the stand together as well.

Me and my tools are ready!

So, The Husband spoils me way more than I ever deserve.  I got my birthday/Christmas gift way early this year (and yes, he did sing “Happy Birthday” and “Feliz Navidad” to me on the way home from Costco…told you he was crazy!

Does your love spoil you?

Do you like putting things together?


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