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Way back when The Husband was still just The Boyfriend.  I’m talking, we had maybe only been officially dating for about 2 weeks…okay, maybe a month, my memory isn’t that great (as you will find out).  What I do know is that it was way too early in our relationship to let him find this out about me.

So, The Husband The Boyfriend comes and picks me up to just spend the day together.  When he gets to my place, as I’m getting my things to go, he gives me a list of things that he needs to get from Target.

We get in his car, drive down the road, get on the freeway (less than 2 minute drive so far) pass the first exit and I turn to him and say, “Where are we going?”

Yes, I had actually forgotten where we were going.  He turns and says, “You’re kidding right?”

After a long pause, I turn and say, “I wish I were, no seriously, where are we going?”

He then says, “So you don’t remember the things I told you to remember either?”

The good news for me is that he continued to date and then marry me (even after all my faults her learned).

Therefore, now that he did marry me, whenever he gets frustrated with my short-term memory, I remind him that he knew right from the start!

How’s your short term memory?

Any funny stories about beginnings of relationships?


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