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Doubling Trouble

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I bake my own bread..all bread.  I very rarely anymore buy bread.  The one type I buy most often is tortillas; and that’s because it’s just so time-consuming to make a batch on my own.  I might have to look into preparing a batch of dough and only cooking what I need at the time.  Until then, when I do make tortilla’s they are a HUGE hit and my husband loves my homemade ones better than others.  Plus, I use a really awesome recipe with no lard and it’s just flour, water, and olive oil.

But, hot dog buns, hamburger buns, pita bread, pizza dough, all of those things I make myself from scratch.  I can’t tell you the last time I bought any.  Of course, most of all, I make our regular sandwich/toast/everyday bread.  Usually one loaf a week.

Lately, however, I have found a REALLY GOOD french bread that has a perfectly chewy crust and perfect soft inside.  The recipe actually calls for it ending up being baked in two loaves.  So, I put the bread machine to work making the dough and then, once it’s ready, I cut it in half, shape it, let it rise a bit more, then bake in the oven.

I very rarely have left over mashed potatoes because I like to only make just what we are going to eat for the meal.  However, when I have some left over and the time is right, I like to make potato bread.  I LOVE potato bread!

Last week, The Husband’s work had a potluck and he brought the leftover mashed potatoes home since no one else wanted them.  There was a lot and my eyes immediately lit up and I told him to make sure and save 1 cup so I could make potato bread.  There was a HUGE bowl!

My recipe for potato bread actually calls for 1/2 cup, but I figured while I had it, I’ll make two loaves and then I can freeze 1 and have it later…I loaded it all into the bread machine to do its thing (mix the dough) and figured that I would take it out to bake into two loaves once it was done with that part.

You can see from the picture above how that worked out…the dough literally rose so much it rose OUT OF THE MACHINE!

This happened once before, but I actually had the bread set to bake in the machine and it was IMPOSSIBLE to clean up.  I can now say from experience that cleaning up bread in a bread machine that grew like crazy is easier to clean up if it’s not baked.  With the dough, I was able to rub more flour over the dough that was stuck to the inside of the machine and easily rub it out.

I can also say, that although the double batch grew to a HUGE MESS in the machine, I was able to make my two loaves and it worked out pretty successfully!

Do you make homemade bread?

What is your favorite type of bread?

Have you ever had a kitchen mishap?


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  1. Hi Jenny

    Your bread looks great and sounds great.

    If your gonna buy flour tortilla’s, have you ever bought the ones that are made but not cooked? They have the best ones at Costco that taste just as good as home made, but I don’t think you go to Costco. I have seen other brands at the regular grocery stores but not sure how good they are.

    • I have thought about it, but I really make them from scratch mostly because the way I make them is so much healthier than the store bought ones. None of the preservatives and junk in them, plus no lard in mine.

      I have tried a couple different ones in the past that you cook at home, but the place I shop at now only has one brand and they are pretty good (and really cheap, only .98 cents per pack) so I just use those for now.


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