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The Lefty is Right

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I am left handed.  I love being left handed.  On top of being left handed, in my family, the left handers dominate…and we’re all girls.  Growing up, it was definitely one of the things that I recognized as making me unique.

I know that me being left handed causes me to look at somethings differently to others.  Partly because of the left and right brained things; but mostly because being left handed means I look at the world a bit differently.

Which chair do I choose to sit in at a restaurant?  How should we arrange our living room?  Where do I store things in the kitchen?

It helps in my job, too.

Now, I have no absolute scientific proof because I just don’t care enough to do the research, but I’m guessing it must be out there somewhere.  And if it isn’t, I have yet to be proven wrong.

While a preschool teacher, as a trainer to preschool teachers, as mentor, leader, etc… in the child development field, I often times get people who come to me concerned because a child is “writing backwards”.  Teachers tell me there “must be something wrong!” Often said in a somewhat paniced or overly concerned tone.

When I look at examples of the writing, I see that the letters are formed age appropriately, it just the child has started writing on the right side of the page and ended o nthe left.

My first question is ALWAYS, “Is he right or left handed?”

I am often met with a blank stare and “uuuuuuuuuuuuh, I don’t know.”

“Well,” I tell them, “go back, watch, and I bet he’s left handed.”

See, when right handers learn to write, they write a letter and move over, can see the last letter they wrote and can easily see where they’ve been and where they are going in their writing.

When a left hander writes, they block what they’ve already written; so we left handers get wise and problem solve on our own.  It’s the rest of the world that is backwards!

So, after years of testing my theory (and in more than 15 years that I’ve made the first recognition of this I’ve only been wrong ONCE) I proved my theory with myself.

Last year, my mom gave me a box of some of the old things.  In that box were some items from school when I was in kindergarten, learning to write.  On the back of one of the items continued to prove my theory correct, see:

Are you left handed?

What was the one thing that you recognized as unique and special in yourself when you were younger?


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