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I have never not worked with kids.  In 7th grade, I started working in a family child care home.  If I knew then what I know now, that place would have been shut down quickly!  However, it’s where I picked up my first few babysitting jobs and I just continued from there.

Babysitting, working in various child care settings, going to college and working at the Child Development Center…and the list goes on.  I have literally worked, non-stop, with kids since I was 12 years old.  That’s a bit scary in my mind because I would NEVER leave a 12 year old to be the responsible person to a young child.

Through the years I’ve worked with all ages, but my concentration has been on the under-five crowd.  When I got this job, I was excited about the opportunity, confident in my ability with the child development program, unsure but comfortable in the thought of school age programs, and COMPLETELY FREAKED OUT about the teens!

Seriously!  I figured if I was going to fail miserably at any aspect of the job, it would be with the teens.

Turns out, I didn’t have to worry too much.  The part of the job I’ve enjoyed the most has been developing the teen program.

After today, however…let’s just say that I do still love what I do, but if anyone ever has the audacity to ask why I don’t have kids, I will just explain that I have birth control…in the TEEN sense!

See, I know that you bring home this cute, cuddly little baby.  The next thing you know, it’s 14 years later and that little cute baby is a TEEN!

Obstinant, stubborn, know-it-all, all-adults-are-morons, fight-every-aspect-of-authority, nit-picky, hormonal, power-struggling TEENS!

One day…that’s all anyone needs in deciding if they want to have kids.  One day with a group of teens!

Okay, they aren’t all bad, but let me tell you a good large group of them are testing EVERYONE’S patience (to the point of a meeting with 6 administrators from 4 different programs to decide what on Earth are we going to do!!!).

We figured it out…they aren’t going to be happy…some are already not happy…all is right with the world again…

What do you use as birth control?

What’s your most challenging part of your job?


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I'm a happily married, thirty-something, Orthodox Chirstian, San Diegan, child development professions...that's me in a nutshell. But there is so much more to me! Come find out!

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