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Cousins Visit

The Husband is the youngest of three boys.  I am the youngest with one brother and one sister.  I can’t imagine life in a house of all boys because, seriously, they are crazy!

The Husband has a cousin who is married to a comic book artist.  Therefore, every year, they come out to go to the San Diego ComiCon.  They also take the opportunity to have a mini vacation and visit family while they are out here. 

The week of the Con, I gladly work and stay out of the way.  The Husband takes the time off and attends the convention with them.  I have never been; nor do I have a desire to go.  I don’t do crowds very well and am glad to be out of their way for that time.

However, I definitely look forward to the weeks after where we get to spend time together.

This year, Freddie was awesome and came and talked to the teens in my program; he showed them how to draw and talked to them a bit.  I have never seen the teens as vigilant as they were while he was talking to them.  I am very appreciative for his willingness to come and speak with the kids.  I know there are many who loved just watching him draw and meeting him.  However, there were a couple who were truly inspired by him. 

Today, we drove them up to my brother-in-law’s place and had lunch.  We don’t get there often so it’s nice to have a reason to get up there and spend some time.  Often times, for the holidays, it’s a busy crazy visit with too many people.  However, today, it was just the six of us (and then a short visit from both the nieces and nephews families).  It was really a perfect visit.

Does your family live close by?

When is your favorite time to visit?

What is your favorite thing to do when family visits?

Cousins and The Husband


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